Jesus: God’s Inexpressible Gift to You

God has given you an inexpressible Gift. The most important question: Will you receive or reject His gift?


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God has graciously given you an inexpressible gift.

God has given you an inexpressible gift that’s far better, greater, and more valuable than you can even begin to imagine. The most important question: will you receive or reject His gift?

His gift is entirely free! You don’t deserve it and you cannot earn it. It’s by His grace alone. The only thing you have to do is to take Him at His word—to believe (to receive) His good news about His Son, who He is and what He has accomplished, obtained, and promised to do.

While you may or may not realize this, you have a definite need for Jesus, even far more than the air you breathe. This book contains three sections: The Need, The Gift, and The Response. Each section covers ten days. They highlight your need, God’s gift, and the much-needed response.

For the next thirty days, will you take just three minutes each day and discover God’s Inexpressible Gift to You? The message will be plain and simple with your greatest well-being in mind. You’ve nothing to lose but only to gain. Wouldn’t it be deeply tragic if you were to ignore that which is for your very best?


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