Divine Healing

A perspective on divine healing from the higher life movement.



This book has been properly formatted, has a clickable Table of Contents, and is fully searchable (82 pages).

Andrew Murray lived from 1828 through 1917. He is probably best known for his devotional writing style, leaving us numerous books that seek to glorify Jesus and encourage Christians in their walk with Him.

As someone who held to the “higher life movement,” which is not without controversy, we must read his writings, as with any fallible author, like the Bereans, who examined “the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” This does not negate the many blessings we can gain from His writing, encouraging us to pursue Jesus with greater fervency.

As during the time in which he lived, there is still much controversy as to divine healing. While no Christian will deny that God can and still does heal at times, there are those who believe it is an absolute right for each Christian in this fallen world. In Divine Healing, Murray gives us his perspective.


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