In order to understand how the 10,000 bibles for the persecuted church works, here is an overview of how you are contributing with your book purchase, outlined as your 75% in the overview below.

Each book purchase requires a $0.30 payment fee plus 3% of the total cost. This is an external payment fee that is beyond my control. The $0.30 fee is in relation to your purchase and not in relation to each book you’re buying.

For example, a $0.99 book purchase has a $0.33 payment fee ($0.30 plus 3%). 75% royalty of the remaining $0.66 comes to $0.50 (see overview below). A $2.99 book purchase has a $0.39 payment fee ($0.30 plus 3%).

Each bible and discipleship material is $7.00. So, 14 books at $0.99 provide one bible and discipleship material for the persecuted church.

Since it’s all about numbers, here is a basic overview:

140 Christians buying a $0.99 book will distribute 10 bibles.
1,400 Christians buying a $0.99 book will distribute 100 bibles.
14,000 Christians buying a $0.99 book will distribute 1,000 bibles.
140,000 Christians buying a $0.99 book will distribute 10,000 bibles.
1,400,000 Christians buying a $0.99 book will distribute 100,000 bibles.

The main question…

Do you think there are 140,000 or even 1,400,000 Christians who are willing to buy just one $0.99 book, especially since it will distribute 10,000 or even 100,000 bibles to the persecuted church?

The buyer will be blessed by the book and raise funds for bibles. A win-win!

No doubt, every Christian will be able to find one book that will be a blessing.


Will you pray that the Lord will make this happen and share this fundraiser on your social media and with your church? It doesn’t cost anything to share 🙂

The greater the awareness, the greater the potential to distribute 10,000 bibles (or even more than that).

“There is strength in numbers” may be quite an understatement when each Christian will bless the persecuted church with just one $0.99 book purchase. Will you be one of them?

Royalty Overview