The main goal of Christ-Centered Books is to raise funds for bibles for the persecuted church.


If you are a reputable ministry or if you would like to raise funds for a reputable ministry, Christ-Centered Books offers a free, simple, and easy way to do so.

As long as the funds will be used for the spread of God’s gospel or the relief of His saints, we are a perfect fit.

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose a book that will be an encouragement to your audience.
  2. Share that book through your email list and on your social media.
  3. Receive 75% royalty for each sold book during one full week.

There are no costs for your ministry whatsoever! You can even set your own preferred price.

Your audience will be blessed by the book and raise funds for your ministry or the ministry of your choice. A win-win!

The 75% royalty will be paid within seven days (after the one-week fundraiser has ended).

Click the book cover to see how it works:

Since most Christians buy their books online, why not make use of this free, simple, and easy way to raise funds for your ministry or a ministry of your choice?

You’ve nothing to lose… only extra funds to gain.

Click here to contact me, either to find out more or schedule your week of fundraising.


Mr. Jan Blonk

P.S. it is important to realize that this fundraiser is only related to the book of your choice, which will be clearly stated in the book description. All other books will continue to raise funds for bibles for the persecuted church.