An Open Letter to Every Christian and Ministry with More Than 10,000 Social Media Followers

If you, as a Christian or ministry, have more than 10,000 social media followers, this letter is in particular addressed to you. In a world that’s dominated by humanism, we must never forget that God is in control, including by the fact that you have more than 10,000 social media followers. Whether that impressive number has come through persistent or smart marketing, the biblical truth of what James wrote stands unwavering:

Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit”—yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.”

James 4:13-15

Ultimately, God is the one who has entrusted you with the number of social media followers. This gives you a great responsibility—your influence in what you say and do is far-reaching—and it gives you an excellent opportunity to “do good to everyone . . . especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Gal. 6:10).  What if you could do a lot of good for the spread of God’s gospel and the relief of His saints without any cost or effort on your part? Would you do so?

The Cause of Christ offers you a free, simple, and easy way to raise funds for the spread of the gospel through reputable ministries. Without any cost or effort on your part, you can easily raise funds for your own ministry or a ministry of your choice.

The concept is simple: when you share a biblically-sound, Christ-centered, and faith-encouraging book with your audience, 75% of all the royalties will go to your ministry or the ministry of your choice. Right now, you can choose from about 200 books (new books are added each week).

All the books are available at Christ-Centered Books and most of them are also available at Amazon. The royalties through Christ-Centered Books, though, are far greater than through Amazon because, as a middleman, Amazon takes a large cut of the royalties. Your audience will be blessed by the book and, at the same time, raise funds for the spread of God’s gospel. A win-win!

For example, a $0.99 E-book will raise $0.50 per book. A $1.99 E-book will raise $1.23 per book. A $2.99 E-book will raise $1.95 per book (after the external payment fees have been subtracted). Here is an overview of the royalties:

Since the persecuted church has a special place in my heart, I want to ask you to consider the following. The ministry of Open Doors distributes “bibles and discipleship materials . . . to seekers and new believers looking to know more about Jesus in dangerous places around the world.” Each package is $7.00. How many bibles and discipleship materials would you and your audience be able to distribute if 10%, 25%, or even 50% were to participate?

By the way, The Cause of Christ is not associated with the ministry of Open Doors, nor have they requested or endorsed this fundraiser. It’s simply my desire to be a blessing to believers and seekers who are facing hostility in their country.

If just 10% of those who have 10,000 social media followers were to participate, you would be able to raise $500 with a $0.99 E-book and $1,950 with a $2.99 E-book. That is equivalent to 71 or 278 “bibles and discipleship materials” respectively, without any cost or effort on your part.

One particular, respected ministry has almost 350,000 social media followers. With a 10% participation, they and their audience would be able to raise around $17,500 with a $0.99 E-book and around $68,250 with a $2.99 E-book. That would be 2,500 or 9,750 “bibles and discipleship materials,” without any cost or effort on their part. Obviously, the more social media followers you have, the greater the potential for more “bibles and discipleship materials.”

A famous Christian artist has over 5,000,000 Facebook followers. He would be able to raise $250,000 if just 10% were to purchase a $0.99 E-book, which would be equivalent to 35,714 “bibles and discipleship materials.” A $2.99 E-book would raise $975,000, which would come to 139,285 “bibles and discipleship materials.”

If these numbers are true—and they are—do you have the desire to be such a blessing to our persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world? Will you “come and help,” especially since there is no cost or effort on your part? The opportunities are unlimited!

Obviously, you can also choose any other reputable ministry of your choice, including your own. As long as the ministry “testify to the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24), whether in word or deed, you can make use of this free, simple, and easy way to raise funds for the spread of God’s gospel and the relief of His saints. Here are eleven reasons to do so:

In Christ Alone,

Mr. Jan Blonk