If 140,000 Christians bought just one $0.99 book, we will be able to distribute 10,000 bibles to our persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world.

For every book you purchase, 75% royalty will go to the bibles and discipleship materials. You’ll be blessed by the book and raise funds for your persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world. A win-win!

Would you pay just $0.99 if you could distribute 10,000 bibles? What if you could do so with 139,999 other Christians? 

Will you participate with just $0.99?

No doubt, you’ll be able to find one $0.99 book that will encourage you in your faith and walk with Jesus.

Click this link to see how many bibles we have distributed each month.

IMPORTANT: You can also donate directly at Open Doors without purchasing a book. Christ-Centered Books is not associated with Open Doors, nor have they requested or endorsed this fundraiser. It is simply my desire to raise bibles for the persecuted church.

ALSO: Since any reputable ministry can make use of this free, simple, and easy way to raise funds for the spread of God’s gospel or the relief of His saints, the 75% royalty may go to another ministry. If that is the case, the name of that ministry and the dates of fundraising will be clearly stated at the top of this page. To be clear: if no ministry is stated at the top of this page, the 75% royalty of your purchase will go to bibles and discipleship materials.