Will you use your influence and share the 10,000 bibles fundraiser for your persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world? It doesn’t cost you anything to share it 🙂

The greater the awareness, the greater the potential!

You can even pick a book that you know will be a blessing and share that book with your audience. No doubt, you’ll be able to find one book that will be an encouragement to their faith and walk with Jesus.


Will you participate in this fundraiser? For every book you purchase, 75% royalty will go toward bibles for the persecuted church.

For example, if 140,000 Christians bought just one $0.99 book, we’ll be able to distribute 10,000 bibles.

You’ll be blessed by the book and raise funds for the spread of God’s word. A win-win!

While the goal is to distribute 10,000 bibles, wouldn’t it be great if we were to exceed that number?

Your participation is vital!

Click this link to see how many bibles we have distributed each month.

In Christ,

Mr. Jan Blonk